45 US Senators' Network on Twitter

Key facts of the network:

  • The netwrok contains 45 nodes and 896 links: the 45 senators have 896 "connections" in between on Twitter. A follows B and B follows A are counted seperatly. If each of the senators follows the other 44 senators, the total number of connection should be 1980. The current number, which is less than half of 1980, suggest that more than half of them don't follow all the other senators.
  • The highest in-degree node is SenatorEnzi from the Republican. He is the most followed senator among the 45 senators of the US.
  • The highest out-degree node is Chuck Grassley from the Republican. He followed 30, the biggest number, of senators among all the senators.
  • The node that has the highest betweenness is Roy Blunt, with a number of 78.1. It means that Blunt is at the center of the senators' social network on Twitter.
  • The reciprocity of the network is 0.47, the number is a reflection of the intereactivity in the network.

Look at the community detection of the data, the 45 nodes are divided into three communities as the chart on the right side below shows. Senator Rob Portman is considered one community by himself, while the others are into two camps that are closly connected with each other.

Compared with the left hand side charts, the social media network community of the senators is pretty similar with the actual party affiliation of theirs.

Sources: twitter