Hong Kong 2018 Legislative Council By-election Results

Winning by political camps at each of the voting station:

As the map above shows, Hong Kong's two main political power seems to have received a pretty even result in the legislative council by-election that was held in March 2018.

Along the coast line of the Hong Kong Island, pro-establishments are winning over the pan-democrats. While at Kowloon side, the two camps divides the battle field evenly. Up in the New Territory East, though, green triangles, which stand for pan-democrats, are more than pro-establishment's blue squares.

However, look into the total number of votes the two parties got in each of the three geographical constituencies, we can get a clearer picture of the voting result:

pro-establishments won in Kowloon West only with a 2000 voting advantage, while pan-democrat candidates out-numbered their opponents in both Kowloon West and New Territory East.

The two camps had a close number of final votes except for New Territory East, where pan-democrat candidate FAN Gary Kwok-wai beat pro-establichment camp's TANG Ka-piu with a 30k difference in votes.

Major finantial district of the city, including Central, Wan Chai and Admarlty, show higher support to pro-Beijing camp on the map, but their voting result tells a different story. At New Territory, where most local Hong Kong people are living, pan-democrats, who are more local-orientated, gain more support.

Sources: hkfp, gov.hk